Custom Interiors :

Our elevator cab interiors are designed with the cab shell to create a perfect fit for your project requirements. We work with our customers to create an aesthetically beautiful and functional elevator interior.

Various Materials :

We can build interiors in several materials including metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramic tile and more. All materials are sourced from proven suppliers and are subjected to rigorous quality checks before fabrications begins.

Lighting Options :

We offer several lighting options to choose from including florescent, incandescent, LED, core lighting, defuser, down lights and more. An expanding range of energy efficient lighting options is now available to satisfy the most rigorous requirements. Our teams have decades of experience and with our state-of-the-art facilities, we produce some of the most beautiful interiors in the elevator industry.

Custom Doors :

We are Supplying custom doors is one of our specialities. We can fabricate custom widths, heights, and thickness in a variety of materials, including exotic finishes, wood, and glass panoramic.